Duck shooting is legalised recreational animal abuse on a large scale. The question is why do both major Victorian political parties continue to support this outdated recreational animal abuse, when other Labor state premiers banned recreational duck shooting decades ago because of the unacceptable cruelty? Laurie Levy, Coalition Against Duck Shooting

At least one in four birds targeted by duck shooters are not killed outright but fall out of the sky wounded, or fly away wounded to die slowly and agonizingly

At 8am this morning, Victoria’s annual horror show, featuring men in khaki running around shooting defenceless ducks while volunteer…

Gunda (Neon)

Art is what we can’t understand. It contains things we can understand, but it also has something we can’t understand. You’re just watching something, and you cry, and you don’t know why. If you are asked why you’re crying, you can’t answer. It’s more than you can explain Victor Kossakovsky

Victor Kossakovsky’s latest documentary, Gunda, is a beautiful piece of art, a revelation in its simplicity, and one of the most important films of our time.

Kossakovsky struggled for more than twenty years to find backers for the film he wanted to make about pigs, chickens and cows. But…

March 2021

Women are tired. Tired of having to re-traumatise ourselves by telling deeply personal stories of being raped, harassed and violated, over and over. Tired of the push back, the attempts to frighten, demean, smear every time we dare to speak about the behavior of men, especially those in power. Tired of nothing changing.

In recent weeks, all over social media Australian women have been detailing, sometimes for the first time, horrific rapes, gang rapes, sexual abuse when they were children. While men, some men, have been going their hardest, both online and in the mainstream media, trying to…

“These are extremely fresh bubs… their tail is still curled, it’s just this wobbly floppy thing that they have no control over and they’ll just flap that around and go absolutely nowhere. We call them the floppy ones” - Laura Torre-Williams

At a whale conference held last month on the land of the Butchulla people (Queensland’s Hervey Bay), researchers and tourism operators gathered to discuss emerging issues for some of the planet’s largest marine mammals.

The main focus of the conference was whale tourism, with many voicing concerns around our rapid movement from “harpooning whales, to watching them, to now…

The behaviour of climbers at Uluru is the story, not the closure

When I visited Uluru last month, the ugly politics surrounding the imminent climb closure was at its peak in the media. But what I discovered most strongly on the ground was that the decision to close the climb has remained largely uncontroversial.

The decision was made nearly two years ago and came about in part because visitors were increasingly respecting Traditional Owner requests not to climb. …

Susan Metcalfe

writer (The Pacific Solution 2010, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC, Guardian, Metro magazine, and many other media and online outlets). Twitter @susanamet

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